Electronic Signatures 101

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature, also called an eSignature or e-signature, is any electronic information that indicates that the person signing agrees to the contents of the signed document. An electronic signature is attached to a record that has been adopted by the person who intended to execute it.

How do electronic signatures work?

You might not know it, but you're probably regularly using electronic signatures. For example, when you purchase items in a store, you've probably used a stylus pen on a touchscreen and signed your name to complete your credit card transaction.

There is no specific, required format for electronic signatures. You can sign a document electronically just by typing your name, or by entering a series of numbers or symbols (or both) unique to you.

Quickly Legal gives you numerous ways to electronically sign legal agreements. Your electronic signature is private, is encrypted and each completed document generates a unique identifying certificate. Once signed through Quickly Legal, a document cannot be altered in any way.

How are electronic signatures different from paper signatures?

Electronic signatures allow you and others to quickly sign agreements in a secure, reliable way. With Quickly Legal, you no longer have to wait for faxes, or print, mail or scan your legal documents.

How is a digital signature different from an electronic signature?

A digital signature provides additional layers of security to electronic signatures. Digital signatures use sophisticated encryption algorithms that contain metadata used to validate the authenticity and integrity of an electronic signature.

Both digital and electronic signatures are legally enforceable in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and in many other countries around the world.

How is a secure electronic signature different from and an insecure electronic signature?

If you copy and paste a graphic image of your handwritten signature into a document, or scan a signed document, the document isn't secure because there's no encryption and there's no audit trail authenticating the document and your signature.

With Quickly Legal you can feel secure. We encrypt your signature and preserve an audit trail. And importantly, documents executed using Quickly Legal cannot be altered.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is not legal advice. It is offered for informational and educational purposes.