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There is no legal jargon, no exorbitant fees, no searching through files and email. Just powerful, plain English contracts that you can easily create, send for electronic signature and manage in one place, using any device.

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Select the type of contract

Choose from one of Quickly Legal’s easy to understand templates to create a contract in minutes. Your subscription includes a useful collection of templates for freelancers, entrepreneurs, as well as small and midsize businesses.

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Answer a few simple questions

We’ll ask questions to help create a contract that moves your deal forward. You’ll never wonder why we’re asking a question - we always show you how your answers are reflected in the draft contract.

Step 3
Sign and send

You can securely invite anyone to electronically sign your contract, on any device. And you’ll always know where your contract is in the signing process. Know who opened your contracts, when, and what time each contract was signed.

Step 4
Manage all contracts in one place

Never lose track of your contracts. Keep all your important contracts organized securely in one place. Never again get lost searching thousands of emails and attachments. Quickly Legal helps you to run your business more efficiently and with less stress.

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