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How is Quickly Legal different from other online services?

There's an old saying that you can pick two out of the following three: cheap, fast, or good. 

We were surprised to learn how much entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers were spending on legal costs - and how dissatisfied they generally were, especially when it comes to contracts.

We started brainstorming ways we can help freelancers and business owners with contracts, and we wondered why everyone was content to focus on cheap (and sometimes, fast) but never all three. After all, successful companies in other industries have managed to achieve all three goals. Some of the companies we admire - Airbnb, Uber and others - have managed to deliver effective, affordable, timely services that are loved by their customers. 

We wondered: why can't we do the same for business contracts?

Quickly Legal is free if you only need access to the Freelancer contract library. Those agrements are intended for freelance graphic designers, product designers, software developers, writers, editors, consultants, photographers. etc.

We also have contract libraries for startups and small businesses, as well as one focused on intellectual property. If you need access to our small business, startup, and intellectual property libraries, we offer two affordable paid plans, starting as low as $10 per month.  

But it's not enough to make business contracts affordable. We wanted to make them quick and easy to create, send for signature, and manage. No more waiting for faxes and mail. You can create and electronically sign legal contracts in minutes. Share with anyone you want - they don't need to have an existing account on Quickly Legal to sign the agreements you send them. And importantly, you can access Quickly Legal wherever you are - via Web, iOS or Android mobile devices. Plus, you no longer need five different apps and tools to create an agreement, review it, PDF it, send it for signature, store it, etc. Quickly Legal offers a unified platform that helps you run your business on time and on budget.

We knew that we couldn't stop there. Making business contracts affordable and quick was already a great step forward, but like the companies we admire, we wanted to deliver good contracts that people could understand. Without WHERETOFORE and HERETOFORE, and similar legal mumbo-jumbo. Don't take our word for it. If you're ready, let's get started

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